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      Organizers ready for Marquette Marathon

      U.P. runners have something to be excited about as this upcoming Labor Day weekend marks the Third Annual Ringside Fitness Marquette Marathon.

      This year, the amount of registered racers is 480, while this time last year, the number of runners was at just 400. The race goes through downtown Marquette and along the bike path. It includes a half marathon, full marathon and this year, organizers added a marathon relay race.

      "This is a really active community. We have so many different races involving so many different sports throughout the year. A lot of them involve our trail system because we have an amazing trail system, but to have something right in downtown Marquette, it really showcases what we have right here in town," said Race Media Director, Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois.

      Proceeds from the marathon go to the Marquette Senior High School music department and Blueprint for Health, an organization that works with pediatric obesity.