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      Orphans getting a new home

      The residents at the Delta Animal Shelter are getting a new home.

      The current shelter owners have been in the building since August of 2011. According to shelter director Susan Gartland, itâ??s too small to adequately house all the animals in need of adoption.

      "We've been looking to move for the two reasons;â?? explained Gartland, â??one being building issues, the second being the lack of space we have to house the animals here."

      After searching for the right location, they finally found one.The shelter isn't a place just for the animals, people love to come and visit too.

      "Iâ??ve been here like two times,â?? explained young visitor Victoria Wendrick. â??This is my second time. Last time I was here, there was something going on here and there were hot dogs and chips and stuff,â?? she added.

      The new shelter will include a community room for the animals to play outside of their cages.

      The animal shelter is also very successful in finding the animals homes.

      "This shelter is now considered a no-kill shelter which means we have a hundred percent adoption rate,â?? said Gartland. â??This community can be really proud; any animal that comes to us is guaranteed to find itself an appropriate home, as long as it's adoptable,â?? she explained.

      And now with an even larger facility, the shelter says they're adding rooms where soon-to-be-families can meet with the furry orphans.

      All this and more will make for a great new home and families with furry friends.