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      OSF power outage

      About 50 homes and businesses, including OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group, lost power around 7:00 Wednesday morning. The outage was caused by two blown fuses.

      The Escanaba City Electric Department superintendent, Mike Furmanski, said the city is unsure what caused the fuses to blow. Typically, the city finds a small animal or tree branch as the cause, but that is not the case this time. Having no concrete cause of the blown fuse leads to some concern, for fear it may happen again, Furmanski said.

      The city said they were able to restore power to its customers within two hours.

      However, the hospital kept using their backup generator power.

      â??We are continuing to run the generator until we receive confirmation from the City that the problem has been fixed,â?? said Lanna Scannell, OSF manager of community relations and development. â??Once we receive confirmation we will continue to run the generator for two hours to make sure all the problems have been resolved.

      Prior to switching back to city power, the hospital will check with each patient care department to make sure there will be no issues making the switch.

      OSF officials said they plan for these situations, and the generator allows them to operate on a near fully functioning level.

      â??We do cancel our elective surgeries but weâ??re still able to operate in an emergency situation,â?? said Lanna Scannell, OSF manager of community relations and development. â??Then most of our other procedures can be done as well.â??

      As of Wednesday afternoon, the hospital is continuing to use their backup generator.