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      OSF receives Governorâ??s Award of Excellence

      Patient safety and quality improvement are two areas OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group excelled at this past year. It was for these reasons, and many more, OSF was given the 2014 Governorâ??s Award of Excellence.

      â??This award demonstrates Michiganâ??s deep commitment to providing high quality, safe and efficient health care,â?? said Governor Snyder. â??By using proven, evidence-based practices, these organizations are making sure individuals get the right care at the right time.â??

      According to the Michigan Peer Review Organization, OSF has reduced health care associated infections, adverse drug events, and improved preventative care.

      â??Weâ??re very fortunate to be able to partner with OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group and other dedicated organizations across the state of Michigan,â?? said MPRO president and chief executive officer Rovert Yellan. â??To be able to recognize these accomplishments with the Governorâ??s office underscores the importance of these efforts to improve health care quality in the state.â??

      OSF feels they are able to do this because their size allows them to offer the best of both worlds.

      â??We have all the tools in place that we need to provide excellent quality care, but weâ??re small enough and community based to really have that true one-on-one patient care,â?? said Lanna Scannell, manager of community relations at OSF.

      The hospital feels this award validates their hard work and dedication to excellent health care.

      â??We are very pleased to have received this award, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff who are so committed to providing excellence in health care,â?? said Dave Lord, president and CEO of OSF.