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      OSF recognized for immunization efforts

      OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group is being recognized for their immunization efforts. Their pediatric and family practice clinic was chosen for a â??Site of Excellenceâ?? award.

      It was their population served and OSFâ??s work to increase coverage that got them nominated. They also had to record all immunizations in a state-wide data base within 72 hours to qualify for this award. Hospital officials feel it was the clinicâ??s team work that made it possible.

      â??Everybody is motivated to help the kids and protect them from different infections,â?? said OSF pediatrician Raghu Kasetty. â??So this just identifies that we are doing a good job.â??

      OSFâ??s immunization rate is 78% and the hospital is continually working to improve that number.