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      Out-of-state foursome face possible prison time

      The four out-of-state men accused of armed robbery in Munising got a better look on Monday at the amount of time they could face behind bars.

      Ruben Rodriguez, George Carmona, Isaac Cotto, and Israel Velez allegedly broke into the home of a Munising Township man and held him at gunpoint while they robbed him.

      The motive for the alleged robbery is the victim's crop of medical marijuana plants, that police say were legally being grown. Judge William Carmody held individual hearings for all four men on Monday, telling the accused what they could expect for a prison sentence.

      "The court has advised your attorney, Mr. Carmona, that the court would be looking at the low end of the guildlines relative to any potential sentence," said Judge Carmody.

      Possible prison sentences for the four could range between 11 years and 37 years with the maximum being life in prison.

      Ruben Rodriguez, Monday, requested a new attorney to represent him. He cited his current representation has not made motions on his behalf. Rodriguez and Carmona will be tried together, as will Velez and Cotto.

      Future court dates are scheduled for June 18 and July 2 with the actual trial not taking place until January.