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      Out with the old

      The demolition process of Northern Michigan University's Carey Hall is officially underway. The process started Monday with the addition of security fencing around the building's perimeter. Some limited demolition is expected to take place over the next couple of weeks. The majority of the demolition is scheduled to take place in mid July. Carey Hall has been vacant since 2004. Officials decided to tear the structure down when they found no way to repurpose it.

      "Over the years we've done several reuse studies for the building and we have not come up with any feasible options that would apply due to the nature of the structure, the condition, and the location of the building," said Steve LaBar of NMU Engineering and Planning.

      The project is expected to be completed by early August. The total cost is estimated to be about $800,000. Officials still aren't sure what will be done with the property.