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      Outgoing Marquette Area Public Schools' superintendent farewell party

      Friends and coworkers held a farewell party for departing Marquette Area Public Schools Superintendent (MARESA) Deborah Veiht. In May, Veiht announced that she was stepping down as the MAPS superintendent to work for the Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency. Veiht has served as superintendent since 2010. She says she's excited to still be in the area.

      "I'm going to miss staff especially, of course, and the students and the families. The great thing is I get to stay in the community so I'll still be able to make those connections, just not as direct as I did before," said Veiht.

      Veiht will become the superintendent of the MARESA. Bothwell Middle School Principal Bill Saunders was named as the interim Superintendent for Marquette Area Public Schools.