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      Outhouse Races underway in Trenary

      From monkeys to Elvis, all themes were covered at the annual Outhouse Classic in Trenary Saturday. What started as a small community activity 17 years ago hit the international stage this year.

      Dianne Peterson, organizer of the Outhouse Classic said, "This year we went international and have a team racing from Japan even."

      New visitors to the town mean a boost for Trenary's local economy.

      "It's a great event to have during the winter when our businesses are suffering, it brings people here," Peterson said.

      The goal of the races is to be the fastest across the finish line. Every outhouse has to have skis, a toilet seat, toilet paper and a handle. But there are other factors that also contribute to success at the races.

      Clark Daoust, judge, said, "We judge for workmanship, humor, best presentation and farthest traveled."

      Some of the teams made it a point to capitalize on these categories with outrageous costumes.

      But while some of the contestants started working on their outhouse three months ago, the Team Wallace Pub only took three hours to complete their outhouse. For their team, the races were more of a social event than a competition.

      Eric Jerger, Team Wallace Pub member said, "It's the end of February and there isn't much to do, so we just decided to give it a shot."

      But whether they came out to socialize or compete, racers and spectators look forward to the event, while some have even started planning for the next year.