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      Over 100 women donate big to charity

      On Tuesday night, over 100 women in Dickinson County came together to make a very charitable donation to a local non-profit organization.

      The event, 100 Women, was started in 2006 in lower Michigan, but Tuesday night was the first meeting for Dickinson County.

      It works by getting 100 local women to commit to donating $100 and then voting on one charity to receive the money. Event organizers were surprised to find over 100 women attended.

      "We only started six weeks ago, so our first goal was 75, and about a week ago the names started flooding in, and I said, I think we're gonna make 100, and tonight we ran out of things to sign up because we topped that number by a considerable amount, so it's wonderful," said Terese Fortier of 100 Women.

      The Salvation Army was the lucky non-profit of the night and received a donation of over $13,000.