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      Over 1,000 Christmas boxes going to children in need

      The Silver Creek Church in Harvey collected 1,351 boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

      Thanks to hundreds of people in the Marquette community, children in other countries will receive a shoebox filled with school supplies, toys, and toiletries.

      For the past 13 years the church has been the drop-off location for the boxes.

      Katherine Olson has been a volunteer with the event for over a decade and said there is a special meaning behind giving.

      When asked why she felt giving to children in need was so important, Olson said, " Just the thought of giving something to a child who's never received a gift before and that each box has the potential of reaching one to ten people or more with the word of Christ. ''

      The FedEx drivers that help load the trucks volunteer their time to deliver the boxes to the next drop-off location.

      F or more information on Operation Christmas Child, click here.