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      Over $1000 collected on Autism Ride

      Autism Ride, Biancos Fitness in Kingsford

      Over two dozen residents had no problem getting motivated Saturday morning for their cycling workout at Biancos Fitness in Kingsford.

      Zach Beauchamp, 13, high-fived the cyclers who donated money to help kids like him with autism.

      "There was more than 10 people that was riding on those bikes," Zach said with a smile. "Iâ??m just so pleased.

      The money is donated to the Kiwanis Ipad Project which gets Ipads out to children with autism. The project says itâ??s been proven that children with autism benefit from the device. It started last year and Zach was one of the lucky recipients. And, thanks to generous Dickinson County residents, he wonâ??t be the last.

      "I had to turn people away because there wasnâ??t enough bikes," says Kelly Bianco, owner of Biancos Fitness. "People who couldnâ??t make it were still donating money which was really awesome."

      All 28 bikes were purchased for a minimum of $5 each, and specialty bikes could be bought for a higher price. Bikers wanting rest had to pay $1 for 30-seconds and could request a song for $2.

      Cyclers constantly tossed donations without hesitation and over $1000 was collected for the cause. Biancos group fitness coordinator Ellette Nyman says Zach and his mom motivated her to organize the event and she couldnâ??t be happier with the results.

      "Itâ??s a great feeling," she happily admits. "We're touched by Zack and his mom. Anything we can do to help, and exercise, and have fun while doing it is a great thing."

      And, after the sweat broken in Saturdayâ??s class, bikers left lighter in both their wallets and waists.