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      Over 1,000 pasties made in Wakefield

      It was a blizzardy and blustery day in Wakefield on Thursday, but despite the snow, one could still smell the distinct aroma of a food that every Yooper knows: pasties.

      The women, who are part of the auxiliary of the VFW in Wakefield, donâ??t skimp when it comes to preparing the Yooper culinary delight because they're making close to 1,200 of the golden pillows of comfort to sell, and all for a good cause.

      â??Itâ??s all volunteer, and the money is used to support the veterans,â?? said volunteer, Nancy Bertetto. â??A few years back they paid a good portion of it for a new vehicle that transported veterans to Iron Mountain to the VA hospital.â??

      These ladies worked like a well-oiled machine, or better yet, a well larded-machine.

      â??Iâ??ve used the same recipe for many years with lard, with lard,â?? Bertetto said.

      The women said lard is the best ingredient for a flaky, golden crust, and what these pasty proficients say, goes.

      â??Itâ??s a lot of fun! We laugh a lot, and in Maryâ??s case she might cry a lot with all the onions,â?? Bertetto said.

      The women said over the whole week theyâ??ve used over 200 pounds of flour, 150 pounds of potatoes, and close to 150 pounds of ground chuck. Itâ??s a lot to keep track of, but they seem to enjoy it.

      â??If they fall behind there with the dough or the mixture, they keep us on our toes to keep mixing,â?? said volunteer, Mary Saari.

      In addition to supporting the area veterans with the sale, they're also keeping the local economy in mind by purchasing their groceries at the local store. Itâ??s a classic portrait of small town Americana; giving back to those who gave to us.

      â??They do so much for us, and I think we all feel the same way; anything we can give back, we're happy to do that,â?? Bertetto said.