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      Over $120,000 coming to Upper Michigan police agencies

      Several Upper Peninsula police agencies have been awarded grant money for 2013 from the Byrne Justice Assistance program.

      Over $120,000 in total will be coming to U.P. agencies as a result of the grants, primarily to assist in technology enhancements for the departments.

      The Houghton Police Department, Marquette Police Department, St. Ignace Police Department, Gogebic County Sheriff's Department, and Menominee Police Department are all receiving grant funding from the program.

      Below is an explanation of how much money is coming to each department, along with a description of what the funding is for:

      Houghton Police Department - $20,969In an effort to be more efficient, the Houghton Police Department will install a mobile data computer in each of the three patrol cars and purchase an e-ticket system.

      Marquette Police Department - $40,015The Marquette Police Department will purchase new video/audio/radio microphones and equipment to properly store the digital evidence produced in daily operations, preserving it for future use in many applications.

      St. Ignace Police Department - $24,000The St. Ignace Police Department will increase the amount of information that can be sent to patrol vehicles and surrounding agencies by upgrading the agency's computer-aided dispatch capacity. Voice-to-print recognition software will be purchased to decrease officer report writing time. New in-car video systems will enhance the department's evidence collection and officer safety.

      Gogebic County Sheriff's Department - $17,800The Gogebic County Sheriff's Department will purchase 10 tablets and coordinate patrol vehicle mounting hardware for use by officers for investigative work, report writing, daily activity reports, and data collection. Networking directly with the department's new operating software will provide access to important information in the field and input data immediately into the system.

      Menominee Police Department - $17,946The Menominee Police Department, Menominee Sheriff's Department, Menominee Central Dispatch, and Hannahville Tribal Police Department are collaborating to purchase software that will export calls for service data out of the computer-aided dispatch system and import that data into the records management and officer daily systems used by the law enforcement agencies. Technology will also be purchased so that driver licenses may be swiped in patrol cars to automatically populate the drivers' information into the new software systems.

      If you would like to see a complete list of agencies throughout Michigan receiving the Byrne Grant funding, click here.

      Also mentioned in the grants was the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, getting $248,455. This money is toe enforce controlled substance laws and bring criminal and civil justice to persons and organizations involved in manufacture, sale, distribution, and trafficking of controlled substances.