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      Over 350 residents walk for Warrior Relief

      Over 350 people started their Memorial Day in Marquette by honoring fallen service members and raising money for current military members and veterans.

      The third annual Warrior Relief Fund Walk was about making sure people remember what Memorial Day is all about. People gathered at Mattson Lower Harbor Park and walked a total of three miles along the lakeshore.

      Many of the attendees donated money to the Warrior Relief Fund or bought a t-shirt. The organization helps injured soldiers and families of fallen service members throughout Marquette County.

      "I really appreciate what they do for wounded warriors," said Joy Bender Hadley of Marquette. "They build ramps. They do things that...probably it's really sad that there isn't funding for it through other ways, so there's a lot of different activities that go on."

      A few veterans were on hand for Monday's walk, including an 87-year-old World War II veteran.