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      Over a million Michigan residents planning to travel over Labor Day weekend

      It's the last official weekend of summer. The last chance for families to get out and enjoy the outdoors and other forms of recreation together in the Upper Peninsula before the school year and other responsibilities makes those activities much harder to do.

      "It's just typically the last time their families can get out before everybody gets back to school, gets back to the regular routine, so typically labor day weekend marks the last hurrah," says Debra Gill, Van Riper Lead Ranger.

      It's not just Upper Peninsula natives that come to hotspots like Tahquamenon Falls, Van Riper or the Porcupine Mountains. These destinations' appeal is universal and attracts people from all over the country.

      "We see a fairly decent mix of everyone," states Gill. "Because we're close to Ishpeming, we get a lot of locals, but we do see a good mix. We usually get a lot of folks from Ontario and we get the typical downstate folks that come up."

      With over a million Michiganders planning a vacation this weekend, the risk of accident goes up exponentially. Michigan State Police are advising travelers to follow simple, but easily forgotten or ignored rules to stay as safe as possible this Labor Day weekend.

      "Of course, the obvious, don't drink and drive," says Sgt. Kevin Dowling of Michigan State Police. "Of course we've got zero tolerance on seat belt usage, aggressive driving, speeding, those things'll be enforced."

      Labor Day weekend won't last long, but hopefully long enough to make a few memories before its back to the classrooms.