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      Paddling to a better physique

      Paddleboard exercises

      We've heard of working out in the water, but what about on the water? Lakeshore Fitness in Marquette opened a new way to do just that, with paddleboards.

      â??You can do either an intro class if you've never paddled before, or you can do a paddle fit class which is going to engage more of the fitness aspect and cardio,â?? said Lakeshore Fitness owner, Tina Neil.

      Beginners are sized up with proper paddles, given stroke instructions, and then it's time to hit the water. Instructors say once standing, working on turns and adding pushups, squats and mountain climbers help strengthen abs and arms while burning calories.

      â??The whole time you're doing your workout, it's gorgeous. You're becoming a better paddler,â?? said Bridget Murphy, a Paddle Fit Instructor. â??What we do with our paddle fit pro is we combine water and land. So you'll do sprints and intervals in the water, and then you'll come to land and you'll do some strength training workouts.â??

      If you'd like to get your feet wet with Paddle Fitness, classes are $30-$45 per session. For more information, including a schedule of classes, visit or call (906) 273-0512.