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      Pain management offered at Y

      The Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress (UPCAP) introduced a new chronic pain self-management program to the U.P. about a year ago, and it's for anyone who has chronic back pain, arthritis, or persistent headaches.

      The program starts on March 18 at the Northern Lights YMCA, and individuals learn low-cost methods to ease pain without the negative side effects from taking medicine. Anyone over 18 can attend and learn how things like relaxation and stretching can help them manage their pain.

      "And people say, oh, I didn't know about that, or I didn't know that certain parts of my diet could help, or that relaxation techniques could help my pain, or that gentle stretching might help my pain," said trainer, Tonya LaFave.

      The program ends on April 22. The group will meet for two-and-a-half hours, once a week.