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      Painter shows new art collection

      Artist Peg Sandin

      New artwork is on display at the Michigamme Moonshine Art Gallery.

      For the past 40 years, Peg Sandin has been a painter.

      Before the paint brings the blank canvas to life, Sandin first sketches what she wants her art to look like.

      While using watercolors, Sandin said most of her inspiration comes from her surroundings.

      "I live on Lake Superior and the lake is very fluid, and everyday there's something new to look at even though it's there all the time...new light, new season," said Sandin.

      S ome of Sandin's newer paintings show how the setting sun enhances the colors on the side of a rock or the burst of color on an autumn day.

      S andin's art collection is called "Branching Out" and will be on display until November 3.

      If you would like to see more of her paintings, click here.