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      Pancho's is largest blueberry farm in U.P.

      Hundreds of thousands of pounds of blueberries will be picked and sold at Pancho's Wild Blueberries farm this summer.

      The farm offers a wide selection of berries that range from big and cultivated to small and wild, with some in every shade of blue.

      Owner Bob Brady says everyone's bound to find the berry they like best on his farm.

      "Most people prefer the wild berries, but if these berries that we grow in the Keweenaw are given a chance to fully ripen, a lot of people will probably consider them just as good as a wild berry," says Brady.

      Brady has been a blueberry farmer for more than forty years, but his farm in Lake Linden is relatively new.

      He and his wife, Morena, chose the property because it had a better water supply for irrigation.

      Brady says success in the blueberry business can be rewarding, but it requires a lot of hard work.

      "If you can break even by the tenth year, you've been successful. We thought we'd do it in less time, but it still ended up taking us about ten years," Brady says.

      Now customers are coming from the Copper Country and beyond to appreciate Brady TMs efforts.

      "We were directed to come here last year. We tried it out and the blueberries are absolutely fabulous. Not only did we pick for ourselves, we brought piles back to Minnesota where we're from," says customer Brita Ylitalo.

      If you're hungry for blueberries, there's still plenty of time to pick at Pancho's.

      Brady says the wild blueberries have just reached their peak and the cultivated blueberries will be ripe in about two weeks.