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      Parade of Confections celebrates local art

      The annual Parade of Confections was held in Houghton Thursday evening to celebrate Valentine's Day with tasty baked goods.

      Thirteen cakes, pies, and treats baked by local businesses or home-baked were auctioned off in the Lakeshore Center. All the money from the auction went toward the Copper Country Community Arts Center.

      Each auction item had a matching bidder from a local business who elected to match the winning bid for donation. Auctioneer Phil Musser says the Copper Country Community Arts Center is a worthy cause to give to because of its work in the community.

      ??A lot of us feel that arts are very important for the community, partly for the soul of the community, but also it contributes a lot of economic development to the community that maybe a lot of people don't realize,?? said Musser.

      Participants could also bid on items in a silent auction and buy treats and drinks as well.