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      Parents happy about MAPS bond proposal

      The Marquette Area Public Schools board heard from parents on how they felt about an upcoming bond proposal. The money would be put toward upgrades in technology and renovation projects.

      Superintendent Deborah Veiht updated the board on what she said were overwhelmingly supportive comments she received at meetings she has had with various parent groups in the district. The $29 million bond proposal would raise the current millage by 1.5 mills. Veiht says if the public gets the information they need, they'll support it.

      "The thing that I'm very proud of is we have facts to back up everything that we're giving to the public, very transparent, that's one thing I'm proud of our administration, and so that's what we're working on to make sure the public does get the best information. It's just getting out through the whole city with all the different groups; that's been our biggest challenge," said Veiht.

      Marquette voters will make their decision about the proposed bond on November 8.