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      Parishioners share thoughts on newly ordained Bishop

      Parishioners shared their thoughts of Bishop John Doerfler's ordination.

      "I've heard many wonderful things about him. It's always a joyful and uplifting experience to be at a bishop's ordination," said Deacon Matt Weaver.

      Excitement was the sentiment among those in attendance of Bishop John Doerfler's ordination. After months without a bishop, everyone was filled with joy for the future of the Diocese.

      "He's a very humble man. I think that he's going to bring joy, like his motto says, joy of the gospel; the joy of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ," said Dianna Nelson, parishioner.

      Archbishop Alexander Sample has known Doerfler for more than twenty years. He says Bishop Doerfler will bring a deep love for God to the people.

      "He's got a shepherd's heart. He's truly a shepherd. He's a very good organizer. He's a very good administrator, but he comes at that with a real heart of love for the people and trying to lead them closer to our Lord," said Archbishop Alexander Sample.

      Bishop Doerfler says he's excited about the new calling. He says he wants to focus on getting to know parishioners across the Upper Peninsula.

      "The heart of our life of faith and to work on that relationship with Jesus Christ. To be a friend of Jesus. The second is to make a friend to help build a civilization of love. And, then to introduce that friend to Jesus," said Bishop John Doerfler.

      St. Peter Cathedral was packed with clergy, and some parishioners have known Doerfler from his work in Wisconsin.

      "To see him move up the ranks, and he's such a wonderful holy grace-filled man. It's just an honor," said Michele Schoepp.