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      Park celebrates 20 years in Keweenaw

      The Keweenaw National Historical Park's (KNHP) 20th Anniversary started off with a bang with a performance by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community dance troupe.

      Jason Robinson brought his family along for the celebration and said even during his high school days, he knew about the historical importance of the area.

      "Here they actually instilled in the kids at the time what was in the area, the history of it, and how important it was at the time and what led to everything ending up where it is today," said Jason Robinson.

      Historical buildings from the past still stand tall throughout the Copper Country.

      Even though Quincy Smelting Works is 12 miles away from Calumet, the preservation of the 25 acre sight is one of the main reasons why the park was established.

      "It's such a milestone for us. This park was established through a grassroots effort of the community and, in all honesty, it just feels like we never would see this day," said Park Ranger Tom Baker.

      KNHPâ??s headquarters are in Calumet, and places like Calumet's Downtown Historic District and the Calumet Theatre are just a few of the iconic places.

      "It's important to preserve our heritage because there are so many lessons that we can learn from our past, and knowing where we came from helps inform where we're going to and helps us make good decisions as we move forward with our lives," Baker said.