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      Park closed due to bear problems

      The Michigan Department of Transportation has closed the roadside park near Deer Lake on highway M-28 due to reports of nuisance bears.

      The MDOT and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources say they've received reports of bears in the park knocking over trash cans looking for food. The DNR is setting up a bear trap in an effort to relocate the bear.

      Biologists say the nuisance bears are looking for food because they're still having a hard time finding ripe berries.

      "Bears are hungry, and just like late in the spring when we have problems with bears getting in the bird feeders and garbage, they're getting into the garbage cans in the evening hours," says DNR biologist Brian Roell. "We are placing a bear trap into the park, and so we hopefully will be able to relocate that bear to a more suitable area where he won't get himself into trouble."

      The DNR reminds the public the park is closed for at least the next two days, and to stay away from the area.