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      "Parlor Games"

      If you love danger, seduction, and history, the book "Parlor Games" could be for you.

      It's a novel written by Upper Peninsula native, Maryka Biaggio, about a Menominee woman in the 1920s.

      The woman, May Dugas, was once named by detectives as "the most dangerous woman in the world."

      Biaggio takes you into Dugas' world, telling the reader about the high-end mischief Dugas caused during her search for one wealthy man after another, and the chase that ensued by detectives.

      "Well, the story opens with her on trial in 1917, and she's being sued for extortion. And then she goes back and tells her story to the reader, and tells the reader that they can be the judge," said author Maryka Biaggio.

      Biaggio held a book signing of her non-fiction novel at Snowbound Books.