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      Part of Grand Sable Dunes Closed Due to Erosion

      A portion of the Grand Sable Dunes is closed to the public because of safety concerns. A section of the dunes is eroding and collapsing and has recently become unstable. About 14 acres of the dunes west of Sable Creek to the North Country Trail will be closed to the public for the foreseeable future. The area is marked with signs describing where the closed area is.

      " W e hope that people respect that closure because it really could be a serious threat to their life, " Acting Chief of Interpretation and Education Amber Tembreull said. "A portion of the dune could collapse while they're there or they could have a bit of a landslide of the sand."

      P ictured Rocks National Lakeshore workers have a long term plan to fence off and monitor the area. The Sable Falls Trail along with other portions of the dunes will remain open. Park service employees will reopen the area when they feel it has become stable again.