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      Pastor carries cross from Menominee to Kingsford

      The pastor from Menominee who was carrying a cross to Kingsford has completed his journey.

      Pastor Dave Pennell walked on foot from the Abundant Life Church in Menominee to the sister church in Kingsford carrying a full-sized cross. He??s doing it to raise money for the Abundant Life Mission which is a homeless shelter that??s geared towards families. They??re hoping to raise $100,000, and so far they've raised in between $4,000 and $5,000, but are in need of more.

      ??The homelessness is all over,?? Pennell said. ??We take people from all over the UP, and we need help; we need to add-on so we can take more people. That??s why I did what I did.??

      Volunteers from both churches in Menominee and Kingsford also walked alongside Pastor Dave. If you??re interested in donating for the expansion of the Abundant Life Mission, you can call or email Pastor Dave at pastordave.pennell@gmail.com or at (906) 424-4429.