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      Pastor sends video greetings to soldiers overseas

      Evergreen Christian Church

      Pastor Michael Carriere of Evergreen Christian Church in Negaunee Township works to send video greetings from the U.P. to soldiers around the world, and he works with local residents and businesses to do it, including Jimmy John's, Jasper Ridge Brewery, and most recently TV6 and FOX UP.

      Pastor Carriere goes the extra several thousand miles. His video greetings have been seen by American soldiers in over 25 countries around the world. He's a Marine Corps veteran himself and served for two years after high school, including spending time in Japan. He remembers how much it means to receive a piece of home when you're halfway around the globe.

      "Anything from home is very, very important. I just like to encourage people. I do it every day, all day," said Carriere.

      He worked with us here at TV6 and FOX UP for his newest video, with members of the newsroom staff offering thanks and greetings from Upper Michigan. The videos started with a focus on the Marines but are now meant for all soldiers of all backgrounds. Carriere says he'll record his greetings with anyone from the U.P., like schools, businesses, and organizations. He incorporates his ministry into the greetings. "God is really concerned about them, and if they believe in Jesus, then no matter what happens, in the end they're going to be OK," Carriere said. Carriere has been sending video greetings through since 2011, and he has no intention of stopping any time soon. "It's an honor for me, and a privilege," Carriere said. To get involved, Pastor Michael Carriere can be reached at the church at (906) 475-5515 or through the church's website.