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      PastyFest a success, over 2,000 baked and sold

      On Saturday, dozens came to Calumet to celebrate the 10th Annual PastyFest. The pasty was brought to the U.P. by Cornish miners over 100 years ago. PastyFest was created to celebrate the iconic food, unique to Upper Michigan.

      A parade kicked off the celebration for Calumet. Once it wrapped up, everyone headed to Agassiz Park to continue the festivities.

      â??The best about it is pasties and you get to eat 'em,â?? said Houghton resident, Josie Jeffrey.

      Even with four different vendors, lines were long. Danniele Cohen from Connieâ??s Kitchen said they constantly run out. â??We have a truck continually bringing pasties,â?? said Cohen.

      Vendors spent the past two days baking hundreds for the event. Combined, there are over 2,000, and every year they all sell out.

      â??I just want to make sure that I get to the tent and get a pasty before they sell out,â?? says Scott Dianda, 110th District Representative.

      But pasties weren't the only things on the menu.

      â??Oh, we've got probably 300 brats, 200 hot dogs, 300 hamburgers,â?? said Jim Plowe, a cook with the Calumet Elks Club.

      Once food was finished, residents sat back and enjoyed the live entertainment.