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      Patrolman says voices led them to the basement

      It's day two in the trial against two Ishpeming men. They're accused of holding two women captive and torturing them last July.

      Jason Sadowski, 43, and 66-year-old Charles Cope are being tried together in Marquette County Circuit Court.

      Police say they tied the women up in the basement of Sadowski's martial arts studio. The women left Hickey's bar with Sadowski to get marijuana and see his studio.

      According to testimony, he attacked them and took them to the basement after learning they stole money from his wallet.

      In court, officers who initially arrived on scene took the stand.

      The prosecution called Patrolman Jeremy Rae and Jason Hart to the stand. They were questioned about what they saw when they arrived on scene. Rae said when they questioned Sadowski about a basement, he denied there was one. However, while searching, they came across the victims and Charles Cope in the basement.

      "What was the emotional state of these two women while this is all going down?" asked Matt Wiese, prosecuting attorney. "Hysterical, crying," said Patrolman Jeremy Rae, Ishpeming Police.

      He was asked about how the victim looked.

      "She had redness on her wrist. She also had what looked like tape residue on her wrists. She also had some swelling on the left side of her face, right along her cheek," Rae explained.

      During cross-examination, Sadowski's attorney, Timothy Quinnell, questioned the alleged victim's injuries. He also asked if she got in a physical altercation with the other alleged victim. That person has since passed away prior to the trial.

      Quinnell also asked if they stole jewelry and marijuana, which she denied. He also questioned her on Sadowski's response after finding them duct taped.

      "Do you remember one of the times Sadowski came downstairs, he asked what the 'f' is going on, regarding being taped to the poles. Remember that?" asked Quinnell. "Absolutely, not," responded the victim.

      The other main question raised was the role Cope played throughout the ordeal.

      In cross examination by Cope's attorney, Karl Numinen, the victim said both of the men tied them up. She agreed that Cope tried to alleviate the situation, but didn't go out of his way to help them escape.

      "He brought the bucket over so that it could be used to urinate," said Karl Numinen, Cope's attorney. "Yes sir," the victim replied. "When someone wanted to take the drag out of a cigarette, he would bring one over and give you a drag," Numinen stated. "Yes sir," the victim responded.

      She also agreed that after asking for crackers, Cope gave them food.

      The prosecution will continue their case with the remainding witnesses on Thursday.