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      Pay cuts for Iron Mountain Schools?

      The Iron Mountain School Board meeting got a little heated Monday night as teachers expressed concern over a possible pay cut.

      The school board explained their need for either an increase of revenue or cost cutting, in order to deal with its current deficit. One proposal is a 7.5 percent salary cut for all employees. The proposal would need to be finalized through bargaining if it would be carried out this September.

      "One of the biggest concerns that we have with regards to that pay decrease is that it would equate to a $1.5 million difference, or lack of spending for our community," said Danielle Dumais, a representative of the Iron Mountain Education Association.

      Superintendent Tom Jayne explained the possible pay cut is for all employees, including administration. He also added that he is continuing to listen to everyone, and has provided eight public meetings to hear concerns from teachers and parents. The school board is also looking at potential property sales for increasing revenue, including the Central School.