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      Paying attention to school bus danger zones

      Itâ??s that time of year again when school buses are making their rounds. This transportation eases our lives, but can just as easily become a risk to them when safety tips are disregarded or forgotten. Cathy Quick deals with school buses on a daily basis, and said with blind spots being a hazard, kids need to focus on the driver.

      â??They need to cross ten feet in front of the bus,â?? Quick said. â??They need to stop before they get into the street, look up and the driver and the driver will either give them a sign or give them a wave-on motion, and then they will be safe to cross the street," Quick said.

      Danger zones are also important to keep in mind when considering safety. These areas include the roughly ten feet from either side of the bus, in what would be considered a blind spot. These danger zones not only apply to students, but especially other drivers on the road.

      â??When the bus is stopped and the red lights come on, they need to stop,â?? Quick said. â??They need to stay at least 20 feet away, front and rear of the bus, and do not proceed or roll.â?? And according to Cathy, the main culprit for drivers disobeying this rule is texting or using their cell phone while driving, something she sees often.

      Paying attention within the bus is just as important as around it. â??People were hitting each other, and not listening, and that caused people to bug the bus driver," said student Shylynn Nowaczyk.

      By following the rules, paying attention, and using common sense, we can all make this new school year and safe and enjoyable one.