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      Peace in Syria vigil held in Marquette

      A peace vigil was held in downtown Marquette Monday night to remember those who lost their lives in Syria after a chemical attack last month. As the members of the rally walked the streets of downtown Marquette, they ended their march at the harbor where many spoke out against the United States conducting a military strike on Syria.

      A recent Gallup poll confirmed 51 percent of Americans are against the idea of strikes on Syria. Those attending the vigil say military action could have serious consequences and agreed non-violent actions should be taken in regards to Syria.

      "Humanitarian aid for refugees would be one. Diplomacy with Russia, with Iran, as well as people who are supposed to be our allies, like Israel. And having the people who are committing atrocities taken to the international criminal court," said rally attendee, Barbara Michael.

      The vigil was one of over 200 held across the country Monday.