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      Pedestrians and the right-of-way

      Officials say 80 percent of injuries and fatalities occur when someone doesn't use a cross walk.

      Facebooker Riley Purcell writes: "No, pedestrians do not always have the right-of-way."

      According to Michigan law, any pedestrian including but not limited to walkers, bikers using sidewalks, and skateboarders need to use signaled crosswalks or cross paths.

      Lieutenant Don Peterman says many students walk in the street without looking, expecting cars will stop even if they aren't in a designated crossing area.

      "Their heads are down, I see them texting when I drive around during the day. They got their head phones on, walk out right on traffic many times, and you're seeing cars have to break and let them go. Common shouldn't be walking in front of a car and it's illegal. They don't have that right-of-way to just do that," said Peterman.

      If there isn't a crosswalk at an intersection, use the lights to guide you. Only cross when you are facing a green light, finish crossing at a yellow, and wait when it's red.

      Before crossing any street, make sure you look in both directions for any oncoming cars and then cross. If you have to walk in the street, go against traffic and maintain to the far left.

      Sergeant Ryan Grim says you should wear visible clothing at night.

      "It's better to wear light colored clothing. It's easier for people to see you with reflective-type clothing. A lot of times that's when people are hit by vehicles when they're just not seen," said Grim.

      Officials stress your safest option is to use the crosswalks and intersections. Do not just jump out from behind cars, and always make visual contact with cars before moving forward.