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      Pediatrician speaks on autism treatment

      Copper Country Autism Awareness hosted a free lecture Wednesday evening given by Dr. Allen T. Lewis of Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio.

      Lewis spoke about looking at autism in a different way and various ways it could be treated. Lewis says many people tend to think of autism as a result of behavioral issues, when really it should be thought of the other way around.

      He says a wide span of behaviors allows pediatricians to make a diagnosis, and it should be looked at as a medical condition instead of just a psychiatric condition. He says just like anyone else, when children with autism feel well and healthy, they "perform" better.

      â??It's pretty heartbreaking to hear the predictions of a child in a young age what people may think really be. We have to expect that children have an incredible capacity to heal, which I've seen in all of my career, and that includes autism, too,â?? said Dr. Lewis.

      For more information about Dr. Allen T. Lewis and Integrative Pediatrics of Ohio, click here.