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      Pell grants still available, but for a shorter time

      There's good news and bad news for university students who receive Pell grants. The Appropriations Act, recently signed into law by President Obama, changes the length of time students can receive Pell grants. The total amount a student can receive will remain unchanged.

      This new law will impact 40 percent of students currently enrolled at NMU.

      "The main emphasis was preserving the maximum Pell grant award. The maximum Pell grant award is $5,550," said NMU Director of Financial Aid, Mike Rotundo. "One of the main programs that was impacted was the Pell grant itself; there was a reduction in the maximum number of credit hours from 18 down to 12."

      Should students reach the limit of their Pell grants, they are encouraged to still file a FAFSA in an effort to see if they still qualify for student loans or other grants that may come from the federal government.