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      Pellonpaas celebrate 60 years of marriage at the Suomi Kutsuu Dance

      Carl with is granddaughter Amanda

      Every year, TV6's Carl Pellonpaa, host of Finland Calling, invites people throughout the Upper Peninsula to a Suomi Kutsuu Dance.

      On Sunday, the Elks Lodge in Ishpeming was filled with a number of people as they listened to music and took to the dance floor.

      Arnie and Jean Perala said they're no strangers to the Suomi Kutsuu Dance, and they spent a majority of their time on the dance floor.

      "We have many friends that we made because of the dancing, and meeting Carl for the first time several years ago was very exciting for us. He's like a movie star to us," said Jean Perala.

      Speaking of stars, Carl Pellonpaa shared a dance with his wife, Doris.

      Other members of the Pellonpaa family were at the dance to wish Carl and his wife a happy 60th wedding anniversary.