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      People come together for Jack

      Jack Stanaway (far right) and two friends
      Hundreds gathered in Negaunee Township Sunday to support a young boy.

      Six-year-old Jack Stanaway of Harvey was born with Coats' Disease, a rare eye condition that has made him legally blind in his left eye. His eyes took a turn for the worse in the last couple years, so his family has been getting him treated regularly in Rochester, Minnesota and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Friends, family, and the Negaunee Township Fire Department organized a large benefit to help the Stanaways pay for their travel and medical expenses.

      "We're very thankful for the support of everyone who donated time, gifts, what have you...We're very thankful for that," said Jack's father, Bernie.

      "It's unreal, the support of the community, our family, our friends. It's a little overwhelming," said Jack's mother, Jennifer.

      "I don't like traveling because I have to miss school," said Jack.

      Jack will be battling Coats' Disease for the rest of his life. The benefit raised about $5,500 for the Stanaways.