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      People gather to protest out of state contractors

      A Marquette group supporting local jobs

      Drivers on US-41 in Marquette Township on Monday morning may have noticed some people showing support for local workers.

      The men holding signs say they're volunteers who don't represent any specific group or organization. They say they want to see local workers hired for construction projects in the area.

      They're specifically upset about the company chosen to build a new Ulta Store in Marquette Township next to TJ Maxx and Pet Smart. The company, Innovative Construction Solutions, is from Wisconsin and brought in workers and managers from outside the Upper Peninsula.

      "I want support for local workers," said Marquette resident, John Kleiber. "These dollars need to stay in the community here. These companies could have been all local firms. We have the talent here, we have the skilled construction personnel, and we have the companies that can do the job."

      The group plans to hold signs on the highway every morning this week from 7 a.m. to noon. The construction company that's building the new store told TV6 that they had no comment on the matter.