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      People of all abilities enjoy 'Recreating in the Great Outdoors'

      More than 80 people with different levels of abilities had the chance to enjoy the great outdoors on Saturday with the Delta County Regional Inclusive Community Coalition.

      "Nobody gets left behindâ?? said Ken Buchholtz, Chairman of the Wheeling Sportsmen. â??Anybody that wants to go out and have fun they are more than welcome to. We actually have scholarships if they cannot afford to go on this thing."

      The fourth annual Recreating in the Great Outdoors brought boating, fishing, archery and shooting to people who normally would not get a chance to experience it.

      "It opens up a whole new environment for themâ?? said Brenda Crow, RICC Diversity Coordinator. â??It is wonderful just to see the smiles; everybody is so happy and just glad to be here."

      Volunteers from the Escanaba High School football team were there to help people get safely on and off the boats, among other things.

      "Just talking to the peopleâ?? said Joe Coppock, one of the volunteers. â??Then talking about the football team and how we are going to do this year."

      "Getting people to get out and see stuff they normally would not get to do because they may or may not be limited by what they can doâ?? said Chad Leisenring, another volunteer. â??But with this we can provide them with and they can see and do things they normally would not get to do without our help from the volunteers here at the lake."

      One of the goals is to raise community awareness for future events like this.

      "Just making that community connection between people that ordinarily would not connect, like the football players assisting people with disabilitiesâ?? said Crow. â??Then just becoming aware that there are other people out there and other people have wonderful abilities that they are able to do."

      The group made sure to show their appreciation for the volunteers.â??

      "There has been a lot of thank you's, definitely a lot of thank you's."