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      People speak out about Public Act 38

      Some unhappy citizens spoke out Tuesday against new tax laws in Michigan that went into effect at the beginning of this year.

      One of the topics discussed was the elimination of the $600 exemption for each dependent child under the age of 19. Another issue was the new tax on retirement income. People born after 1952 will no longer be allowed to deduct their retirement income. At age 67, you can deduct $20,000 if filing single or $40,000 in a joint return.

      "By taxing seniors and their pensions, we are going to lose more of the retirees in Michigan, so we are very concerned that this is not going to help Michigan, and it's not going to help our economy by chasing people out of the state," said Scott Dianda, challenger of Public Act 38.

      The Michigan-earned income tax credit aimed at helping low income working families will see a 14 percent reduction.