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      People to remember in 2011

      A fallen hero is honored.

      Last June, Robert Voakes Jr. of L'Anse gave his life for his country serving in Afghanistan. Dozens in the community watched as a flag was raised and then lowered to half staff in honor of the army specialist, a way to thank the V oakes family for giving them a hero.

      Eighty World War II veterans experienced the flight of their lifetime earlier this year when they visited the Washington D.C. Memorials. With money raised by the U.P. Honor Flight they took a ride to the nation's capital decades later to remember and say goodbye.

      Parishioners at Saint Peter Cathedral said their goodbyes to Bishop Mark Schmitt who died this month. Cardinals, Knights of Columbus and parishioners filled the pews for his funeral. T hose who knew him spoke highly of his service and how much he has given to the community.

      After hundreds of cases tried and 38 years in office, Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Walker leaves is all behind. He retires at the end of this year. His career marks the longest public prosecutor tenure in Michigan.

      A surprise to some as Jeff Kleinschmidt, former director of the U.S. Olympic Education Center, stepped down after 25 years of service. He helped the university in its original bid for an olympic training center in 1985. He told the community it was time to move on, as he leaves the position with many proud memories.

      And a special thanks to one group for making our beaches safer. That's what the Waterfront Safety Task Force did after six people drowned in Lake Superior last year. This year new techniques were implemented to make the beaches safer: extra signage, more lifeguard stands and additional beach patrols.

      We all watched live as Marquette Mayor John Kivela shook hands with President Barack Obama, welcoming him to Upper Michigan. The two enjoyed lunch and a ride to NMU. And although it was brief, it's clear that President Obama's visit to both the community and the university made a lasting impression in 2011.