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      Performance rally finishes full throttle

      Engines roared and rubber burned up in the Keweenaw Saturday as the second, and final day, of the Lake Superior Performance Rally continued. It's the 19th year the Rally has come through the Upper Michigan community and had close to 50 teams participating.

      Real cars, real roads, real fast: six words the sport uses to describe their action-packed race perfectly.

      "Their roads are so tight sometimes your mirror is touching trees on each side," said Mychal Summers, an independent racer from Lâ??Anse.

      "You're not competing in an arena, you're competing in the woods," said Dallas Bond, the Public Relations media contact for Lake Superior Performance Rally. "You're competing where the everyday driver drives."

      Racers drift through closed roads with modified cars after only getting to see the course once in a normal street vehicle.

      Antoine L'Estage, a five-time American and Canadian Champion competing on Rockstarâ??s team, said drivers have to "adapt constantly" to different conditions.

      "On a racetrack, you do 10 corners 1,000 times. We do 10,000 corners once or twice," explained Lâ??Estage, who placed second in LSPRâ??s event on Saturday.

      Unlike other race events, these drivers put the pedal to the medal regardless of rain, sleet, or snow. And, if you're wondering about a big cash prize at the finish line, think again. Racers say itâ??s not about the prize but the thrill of getting from A to B as fast as possible.

      "I like going fast," admitted co-driver Cindy Krolikowski, whoâ??s been riding in the passenger seat of her husbandâ??s racecar for over 30 years. "I guess Iâ??m a junkie for speed."

      On Saturday, first place was taken home by David Higgins, who won his third straight Rally America Championship, with an official time of 1:20:01.0

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