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      "Person of interest" being investigated

      10:00 p.m. UPDATE

      The investigation revealed no evidence that the anonymous blog post originated on campus. It was also discovered that similarly worded messages have been directed at several other universities, recently and in a previous year.

      President Wong said the new information uncovered Wednesday night diminishes the threat to NMU.

      8:15 p.m. UPDATE

      Northern Michigan University and Marquette Area Public Schools will both reopen tomorrow (Thursday). Students are to report as usual.


      "Campus safety is, and will continue to be, our prime motive," said NMU President Les Wong.

      At a press conference this afternoon, Northern Michigan University officials assured both the campus, and the community, that they are still taking all of the necessary precautions.

      YouTube "It was a serious enough threat that we felt we needed to initiate, shut down the campus and have those that would normally report to work not report to work," said Public Safety Director Mike Bath.

      Students were notified electronically around eight this morning by the campus alert system.

      "We actually knew what was going on and then we had the blinking message on all of our laptops so nobody was like oblivious to anything," said NMU student Ashley Mattson.

      "I saw one of the officers handing the other a bulletproof vest and then I realized what was happening," commented NMU student Nicole Harju.

      For those students that were already out on campus, they quickly returned to their dorms where they were placed on lockdown. Some took any safety precautions they could."I ran into some of my friends and we went in the same room and locked the door, turned the lights off, shut the blinds, and tried to stay quiet," said NMU student Hillary Hamllin.

      All buildings were evacuated and residence halls received additional security. Students were able to access dining facilities later in the day. As for that anonymous blog where the threat was made, we looked for it, but couldn't determine if it was in fact the same one.

      "The blog site is still up and running but the post is no longer there," said Bath.

      Original Coverage-------------------

      4:15 p.m. UPDATE

      The NMU campus remains locked down at this hour, NMU officials confirm. The initial tip about the blog site containing the threat, authorities say, came from someone outside of the local area.

      Officials considered the threat serious enough to close down the campus

      "We were pleased all of our emergency communications systems we test on a regular basis worked effectively in this situation," President Les Wong said. "I want to personally thank all local law enforcement and emergency agencies for stepping up quickly and offering their assistance."

      4:10 p.m. UPDATE

      NMU President Les Wong and NMU Public Safety Director Michael Bath have completed their press conference. The bottom line? No one has been arrested yet, but they confirm that authorities are looking at "a person of interest" in the case. In other words, someone who might have posted the threat on the web.

      Authorities, including the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, are also talking to other witnesses in the case.

      NMU officials say the threat to NMU was posted on an anonymous blog site. That blog site remains up, but the actual posting has been taken down.

      NMU classes have been cancelled for tonight. A decision on whether to hold classes and other activities on the campus tomorrow will be announced later today.

      Watch TV6 Early News, TV6 News Tonight, Fox UP News Primetime, and the Late News for the very latest on this case.

      And of course, information will be posted on this website as soon as it comes in.

      3:30 p.m. UPDATE

      There is a press conference beginning at 3:30 p.m. at NMU talking about the event. We'll have coverage of that on the TV6 Early News and here on our website.


      2 p.m. UPDATE

      The Marquette County Sheriff's Department tells that the young lady in the company of a sheriff's deputy at 1 pm was NOT taken into custody by law enforcement. Officials decline to say anything further about the case except to say it had nothing to do with the investigation into the threat on campus.


      1:50 p.m. UPDATE

      NMU spokesperson Cindy Paavola reports that the university at this hour remains in lockdown. Students are being allowed in and out of dormitories to go to dining facilities, but they need their ID's to get back in.

      Paavola also says university officials will be meeting at 2 p.m. to determine what NMU will be doing in the immediate future.

      There is no news yet on the investigation of the threat that caused the shutdown this morning.


      1:20 p.m. UPDATE

      TV6 Reporter Natalie Jovonovich reports that she saw a young female being apprehended by a sheriff's deputy in front of the Gant and Spalding dorm complex at about 1 p.m. An FBI also was also in the vicinity. Natalie reports that as the young lady was being put into an unmarked car, she shouted, "Let go of me! Let go of me!"

      There's no word yet on why the young lady was taken into custody.


      1 p.m. UPDATE is back on-line after a morning in which our server was overwhelmed with traffic. For a few hours, we referred all visitors to our Facebook site.

      At this point, police agencies are still investigating the threat which authorities became aware of early this morning. No arrests so far. The NMU police, the Marquette Police, the Sheriffs Department, the State Police, and the FBI are involved, according to NMU spokesperson Cindy Paavola.

      All classes at NMU were cancelled for the day; the campus remained on lockdown.

      Elsewhere in the city, all the Marquette Area Public Schools were closed down and students were bused home or their parents picked them up. Students who didn't have a ride stayed at the schools.

      Debbie Veiht, the interim superintendent, said the city schools were closed down on the recommendation of the police department. It was felt that if there was a legitimate threat to NMU, that threat could logically be extended to other schools in town.

      What will happen tomorrow? No word yet. has reporters in the field, we're on the phones, we're on Facebook and Twitter, we'll have newscasts at 6 and 7 p.m. tonight Eastern, and we'll break into programming as the situation warrants.

      And, of course, as soon as we get information, we will post it here immediately.

      Lakeview Arena is closed until further notice.


      9:58 a.m. UPDATE

      Redeemer Lutheran Church afternoon Pre-school is cancelled for the day.


      9:38 a.m. UPDATE

      Upper Michigan's Source confirmed that Marquette General Hospital is locked down but open for business. The following five (5) entrances are open: North Neldberg, East Entrance, Skyway, Wallace Building's front door and the Emergency. Someone is monitoring each of those entrances.

      We've also confirmed that Marquette Senior High School was dismissed at 9:30 a.m. Bothwell Middle School will be dismissed at 9:50 a.m. Cherry Creek, Superior Hills and Sandy Knoll Elementary Schools will be dismissed at 10:40 a.m. Students will NOT be released until these times.

      Father Marquette Elementary and Middle Schools are closing immediately. Parents are asked to pick up their students as soon as possible.

      North Star Academy is closing at 10 a.m. Students can be picked up by parents.

      The Marquette YMCA will also be closed for the day due to the situation.


      9:28 a.m. UPDATE

      Upper Michigan's Source confirmed that Father Marquette Middle School and Marquette General Hospital are also locked down.

      We'll have more information as it becomes available.


      9:19 a.m. UPDATE

      A reliable source tells Upper Michigan's Source that the threat stems from a blog. Someone in California read on a blog that at 10 a.m. today, someone was going to "shoot up" the N.M.U. campus. N.M.U. was notified and took it as a credible threat.

      We'll have more information as it becomes available.


      8:51 a.m.

      Upper Michigan's Source has just learned that Northern Michigan University is CLOSED FOR THE DAY because of a "serious threat."

      According to a text message from the school, "Northern Michigan University is closing for the day due to a serious threat that it has received. This includes essential personnel. Information to folo."

      Students report on Facebook being locked in classrooms.

      We've also received word that Marquette Senior High School is locked down.

      We'll have more information as it becomes available.