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      Pet Casket maker is a unique Gladstone manufacturer

      Hoegh Industries in Gladstone is one of Delta County's unique businesses. Officials say it's a hidden treasure that offers a unique product. They make pet caskets.

      But what's also interesting is that, for the most part, their customers aren't local. This special business ships to pet cemeteries around the country.

      In the last year, Hoegh's has shipped 25,000 urns, caskets, and burial shells.

      Officials say business hasn't increased, but that hasn't stopped them from expanding their products. In addition to selling plaques and headstones, they're now offering camouflage caskets and pet cremation.

      â??Some people like the idea of cremation because it is more of a mobile thing for them if they travel or they move,â?? says plant manager, Jeff Brow. â??They can take their pet with them."

      Brow says since they opened in 1966, they've sold about a million burial shells, urns, and caskets. This unique manufacturer is one of Delta County's key industries. The others include forestry, agriculture, and tourism.

      Officials says manufacturing is a great business to be in.

      â??In Delta County, we've added jobs,â?? says Vicki Schwab, Director of Economic Development for the Delta County Economic Development Alliance. â??We've increased jobs in 2011 to 2012 in areas like manufacturing and logistics."

      Schwab says last year, there were 2,200 jobs related to manufacturing in the county. The average salary is about $70,000 a year. Other local businesses are expanding through exportation.

      Delta Manufacturing is shipping its products to Germany, Australia, and France. Van Aire is shipping to the Netherlands and China, and EMP is shipping to Brazil and China.

      These unique and successful businesses are what make this place someplace special.