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      Phil needs your help to keep Marquette beautiful

      You may know Phil Niemisto.

      He's a familiar face around downtown Marquette.

      He washes windows for businesses as his source of income.

      But Phil says his first love is flowers.

      And that's why he's been taking care of the Downtown Flower Park for about ten years now.

      Phil says he plans to plant marigolds and gerainiums in the park this year.

      He usually starts planting around Memorial Day.

      "I've been doing this for years and years. You could say I was born doing it. I had a flower garden at the orphanage, I was raised in the orphanage. And I had a flower garden over there, I was only about six or seven years old," said Phil.

      But Phil says to plant and maintain the garden, it costs about $1,000.

      He's asking for donations to offset the costs.

      If you would like to donate, Phil has a donation box in Book World downtown.

      You can also donate at Flowerworks, where he buys all of his flowers.