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      Phone outage affects nearly 1,500 Upper Michigan customers

      Update 8:44 p.m.

      We've gotten word that as of 8 pm Friday evening phone service at Bell Hospital has now been restored. There's no word yet on when service will be restored to other areas impacted by the outage.


      Approximately 1,500 landline phone customers are experiencing outages after a line was cut at a construction site near LoFaro's Food Market, according to the Ishpeming Police Department.

      Marquette County Emergency Management is asking people with landlines in that area to find somebody with a cell phone if they need to contact 911.

      Bell Hospital is experiencing a phone service outage at their location in Ishpeming, as well as Bell Medical offices located next to the hospital, due to the severed phone line.

      Officials at Bell Hospital say that the issue is being worked on, but there are no estimates as to when the repairs will be finished. Hospital officials say that all appointments at Bell Medical Offices, U.P. Eye Specialists and Advanced Orthopedic Associates are still scheduled.

      Bell Hospital has two numbers that may be called to reach the hospital in the event of an emergency.(906) 360-8976(906) 361-2776

      Officials are asking that you only call those numbers in case of an emergency, so the lines can be kept free.

      To contact Doctor Rao for pediatric services during this outage, call (906) 361-6008.

      The Michigan State Police say that residents near Bell Hospital might also experience phone outages concerning landlines.

      We will provide an update once phone service has been restored to the hospital.