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      Pick the cutest pet

      The Delta Animal Shelter's annual "Cutest Pet" contest is underway. It was moved up this year from April in order to get more love from animal lovers this month.

      The photo stand is full of Delta County's Cutest Pets, on display at the Delta Plaza Mall. Anyone is welcome to check out the dogs, cats, and even mules, and put some money in the slot of the most adorable pet. The money raised goes toward spaying and neutering shelter animals. One pet owner was rooting for number eight, her Yorkshire terrier, "Chester".

      "I just hope he gets a lot of votes because honestly he's adorable. This is the first time I entered him. I'm a fan of theirs on Facebook, and I saw the contest, and I thought it was a just a great thing to do to just donate some money to the animal shelter," said Chester's owner, Janel Klotz.

      The contest ends February 28 and $360 has been raised so far. One pet has garnered over $50. Winning pet owners will receive a dinner or movie prize.