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      Picking pumpkins from the patch

      A group of preschool students from Gladstone's Little Light of Mine Child Center picked pumpkins from the Miron's Pumpkin Patch in Cornell on Friday.

      Fifteen students sat on bales of hay as a tractor drove them into the patch. The preschoolers have been visiting the pumpkin patch for the past few years, and on Friday, they got a chance to walk around the farm and pick out their very own pumpkins.

      Addison Tripp brought along her mom to help her find the best pumpkin.

      "This was a great day for it. The kids are very excited. They get to come with their own class and pick out their own pumpkin and have cookies after," said Alicia Tripp.

      Owners of the 10-acre farm said their pumpkins were not doing well at the beginning of the growing season, leaving a lot of green pumpkins, but once the warm weather kicked in, the pumpkins started to ripen.